Sky Trak 3606 Telescopic Material Handler

Trak needed to develop a unique telescopic handler to boost sales in European markets, where the target segment is owner-operators. To also keep its leadership position in the US, the same handler design needed to adaptable to accommodate its chief US market segment-buyers for leased use.

Joss developed one flexible design that allowed Trak the necessary manufacturing flexibility to meet the requirements of two divergent market segments. The European model features creature comforts, such as a wrap-around glass cab, stereo, power windows and air conditioning. The stepped down US model is ideal for the tough, rugged rental market.

A focus on ergonomics:
Ergonomic research helped us evaluate critical safety issues from an operator standpoint. This research resulted in a unique configuration offering improved visibility, open cab design, 360° view and reduced noise.

A full-size ergonomic buck of the cab compartment allowed our team to evaluate operator positioning and relationship to the steering wheel, joystick, pedal and other controls. The result is an operator compartment from which the handler can be comfortably operated by virtually any size person, whether dressed in a T-shirt and jeans or bulky coveralls and gloves.